Sunday, July 5, "4th Of July History"

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"4th Of July History", Psalm 150:6; Psalm 106:1

Message Concerning Reopening of Church Services


Key Heights has reopened for in person Sunday morning worship services at 10:45 am each Sunday morning. That being said, please respect others and observe social distancing. Families and close friends are welcome to sit with each other. If you do not feel comfortable attending in person, services will be posted on You Tube after the service has concluded. If you are not feeling well or anyone in your family is not feeling well, please stay home. We will be adding a Sunday night service beginning Sunday evening June 28 at 5:00 pm in the sanctuary. Please join us in this time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship. Spread the word! It is time for KHBC to regroup and grow. Wednesday night services will be cancelled until school resumes. Please pray for me and our church. I love Key Heights, our people, and our community.

Thank you,

Pastor Duce.

View Sunday Morning Worship

OUR SUNDAY MORNINGS ARE AVAILABLE ON FACEBOOK AND ON OUR WEBSITE.  We would love to fellowship with you in person, but if you can't be present, this allows you to join with us as we praise and worship the Lord. Go to Key Heights FaceBook or and follow the instructions for watching via the YouTube link.